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According to the census conducted by the Dubai Statistical Centre, the emirate's population in 2017 consisted of nearly 3,000,000 people. 23 % of the population were residents of the United Arab Emirates. The rest were expatriates, mainly from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.


Some pronunciation rules of Arabic:

all letters are pronounced
a ' means that a letter is pronounced very briefly
the r is a rolling r
The y is pronounced as sj
The sh is pronounced as sj
The gh is pronounced like a brew r or a French r.
The kh is pronounced like a hard g.
The ou is pronounced like the oe.

There is no fixed English spelling for Arabic words. The names are written as they are pronounced. So Aqaba can just as well be spelled as Akaba.

Arabic is written from right to left and consists of 28 consonants. Vowels are not written, which results in different Latin spellings for the same word. Arabic numerals are written from left to right.

Some words and phrases
English Arabic
A wahed, feminine: wahda
Two etnen
Three talata
Ten ashra
One hundred meyya
One thousand 'alf
Sunday yom el had
Wednesday yom el 'arba
Yes 'aywa
No la'
Summer sef
Winter sheta
Where is the hotel? fen el fondok?
What time is it? essa'a kam?
What is your name? 'esm-ak 'ak? (man)
What is your name? 'esm-ek 'eh? (woman)
Do you have change? andokom fakka?


Arabic is the official language of the United Arab Emirates. In addition, Farsi, English, Hindi and Urdu are spoken by the various immigrant groups.

According to Article 7 of the UAE Provisional Constitution, Islam is the official state religion of the UAE. The government subsidizes almost 95% of mosques and pays the imams About 5% of mosques are completely private, and a number of mosques receive large private donations.

Dubai also has large Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and other religious minorities. Non-Muslim groups have their own places of worship, where they can freely practice their religion. However, the distribution of religious literature is strictly prohibited under penalty of criminal prosecution, imprisonment and deportation.


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