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Geography and Landscape

Basic information
Official languageUzbek
Area447.400 kmĀ²
Population34,303,572  (2021)
Currencyso'm  (UKS)

Geography and Landscape


Uzbekistan is situated in Central Asia. Uzbekistan is landlocked and borders Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. The area of Uzbekistan is 447,400 square kilometres.

Uzbekistan Satellite PhotoUzbekistan Satellite PhotoPhoto: Public domain


Uzbekistan consists mostly of desert, with some oases. There are also many cotton and silk farms. The Aral Sea in the north-west, one of the largest inland seas in the world, is Uzbekistan's largest lake, but is drying up. Near Samarkand, the border with Afghanistan and the border with Kyrgyzstan, the landscape is mountainous.

Boats on a dry stretch of Aral Sea, UzbekistanBoats on a dry stretch of Aral Sea, UzbekistanPhoto: Thorsten CC 4.0 International no changes made

On the Silk Road are the most impressive cities of Uzbekistan; Khiva, Buchara and Samarkand. The Fergana valley in the east is green and consists of grasslands interspersed with cotton plantations. In the east are also the foothills of the Tian Shan and Pamir mountains.

Climate and Weather

Uzbekistan has a continental desert climate. This means cold winters and hot summers. Especially in the desert areas in the west of the country, it can be extremely cold in winter and extremely hot in summer. Temperatures in July can reach over 45 degrees. Most precipitation falls in winter and spring.

Plants and Animals


Although not characterised by lush flora and fauna, the desert of Uzbekistan is full of life. Various types of desert plants, trees, shrubs and steppe grass grow here.

The mountains and valleys are alternately bare or covered with coniferous forests, deciduous forests, hazelnut trees and walnut trees. The following crops are also grown in Uzbekistan: grain, grass, cotton, lucerne, mulberry, rice and wine grape.


Of the animal life, the most striking are the gazelles (djeran) and the Bactrian camel, but there are also several species of snakes, scorpions, turtles and rodents. The forests are home to foxes, lynxes, porcupines and wolves. Hawks, eagles, buzzards and vultures are common birds in Uzbekistan.


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