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Atlantic City

Atlantic City

Atlantic City Atlantic CityPhoto: Public Domain

Along with Las Vegas and Macau, Atlantic City is one of the top gambling cities in the world. With its stately buildings, lively piers and distinctive boardwalks, Atlantic City offers everything you would expect from a holiday city. Let the history of the city come alive, or retreat to one of the classic resorts. Atlantic City, always turned on!

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Atlantic City is located in the northeastern corner of the United States, in southeastern New Jersey. Major places in the area include New York and Philadelphia, both of which can be reached by car in 1 and 2 hours, respectively. Located on the island of Absecon, the city is surrounded by water on both sides, on the east side this is the Atlantic Ocean, on the west side the Lakes Bay. The coordinates of the city are Latitude, Longitude: 39.362689, 74.439903.


With its location on the coast, Atlantic City has a moderate sea climate. The summers are warm with 26 degrees Celsius, the winters with -6 degrees Celsius modestly cold. Partly due to the maritime climate, there is a high degree of humidity. So take into account fog in the morning and a shower in due time. The best time to visit the place is from May to September. If you want to avoid the crowds, do not go in the months of June and July.


Atlantic City is a pure tourist hotspot. With the first hotel in 1853, and a direct connection to Philadelphia, the city has developed from an inaccessible fishing village to a gambling city with allure. However, the city has not only prospered.

Atlantic City map 1877 Atlantic City Map from 1877Photo: DanGreenberg CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

The city's first growth spurt coincided with the arrival of the train. As an "oasis of tranquility," Atlantic City served as a second home to the Rich and Famous. Along with the construction of many new hotels, the characteristic boardwalks were also constructed during this period. These boardwalks, or “wood paths,” were supposed to solve the problem of sand in the shoes. The second period of growth occurred in the 1920s and continued until after the draining. With hardly any enforcement on alcohol and corrupt politicians, the city was also jokingly called the world's playground during this period. The older surviving hotels in Atlanctic City were mainly built during this period. Characteristic are the Spanish influences and large domes.Photo:public domain

Boardwalk Atlantic City 1917 Boardwalk Atlantic City in 1917Photo: Public Domain

Like many other ancient coastal cities, Atlantic City experienced decline after WWII. The number of tourists declined, and poverty, unemployment and crime increased. To restore the city's image and save it from destruction, authorities are turning to the casinos. With the legalization of the gambling market, and the resulting large investments from MGM, Donald Trump and Caesars Entertainment, among others, the city managed to regroup as a gambling city. A folder that has paid off.



Bogota Casino Atlantic City Bogota Casino Atlantic CityPhoto: Pilotbob CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

Atlantic City is known for its casinos. The casinos are located in multiple locations around the city. The smaller casinos are located on the Atlantic City Boardwalk and the major resorts are located in the Marine District. Highlights include the Borgata Resort Casino, the city's largest and most luxurious casino, and the Revel Atlantic City Casino. The latter is known for its excellent restaurants.


The piers cannot be missed in a city by the sea. The piers are a source of vibrancy, especially in the afternoon. A visit to the Steel Pier is recommended, as is a visit to the amusement park at the Garden Pier, the cultural center of the city.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

Boardwalk Atlantic City Boardwalk Atlantic CityPhoto: Raul654 at the English languge wikipedia CC3.0 Unported no changes made

Even before the advent of the casinos, restaurants and night clubs, the Atlantic City Boardwalk was already the main attraction of the city. The seven-kilometer path takes you along all the beautiful parts of the city. Really a must.

Absecon Lighthouse

An old lighthouse from the year 1856, from the lighthouse you have a beautiful view of the city, and you can enjoy a historic piece of Atlantic City.

Frank S. Farley State Marina

A large marina located at the Golden Nugget Casino. Take a leisurely stroll along the quays, or a small snack in the adjacent restaurants.

Lucy the Elephant

Atlantic City Lucy The Elephant Atlantic City Lucy The ElephantPhoto: Public Domain

A large building in the shape of an elephant. The structure built in 1881 is 3 km away from the city. It is possible to climb the six-storey structure. Recommended!

Marine Mammal Stranding Center

A shelter for stranded animals. Started and run by volunteers. Watch the dolphins, turtles and seals. The center is located just outside Atlantic City.


Atlantic City at night Foto:Ron MiguelAtlantic City at nightPhoto: Ron Miguel CC 2.0 Generic no changes made

The United States is the country of discount coupons, always consult the local City Visitor Information Centers (VVV) about the current promotions. It may also be useful to collect welcome brochures and information booklets. The latter publications are full of useful tips and coupons.

Another handy tip for when you eat out. Be especially seduced to the most luxurious restaurants located in the many casinos. These restaurants are generally very competitively priced and the quality is excellent.

Be careful with the ATMs. Always use ATMs in banks or official institutions. The widely available mobile devices charge very high transaction costs in most cases.

Finally, if you use a parking space, keep the receipt well. Most casinos have the policy that you only have to pay for a parking space somewhere. The second parking lot is usually free, regardless of which casino you parked at before.


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