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Albufeira is one of the biggest tourist attractions of Portugal. It used to be a small fishing village, but now many tourists come to enjoy the weather and the beautiful surroundings. Albufeira is located in the southernmost region of Portugal, the Algarve. Nobody will be bored in Albufeira, because there are many recreational opportunities such as golf courses, beaches and nice towns and villages in the area.

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The Algarve is the most southern region of Portugal. Albufeira is both the name of a municipality and the most popular seaside resort within this municipality. The town is located in the Faro district, which also includes the capital of the Algarve with the same name. Albufeira consists of two parts: the old town core and the new part 'Praia da Oura' where most of the nightlife can be found. The city is located against a mountain, so there are many atmospheric, steep streets.


The Algarve is located in the very south of Portugal and that means a pleasant climate with lots of sun and warmth. The weather in Albufeira feels subtropical, but is in fact a Mediterranean climate. Summers in Albufeira are warm and dry, while winters are wetter and mild. Below are the average climate figures of Albufeira (average temperature, number of hours of sunshine per day and number of days of rainfall per month).


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The oldest archaeological remains found in Albufeira date back to 8,000 years BC. Important inhabitants of the region were the Celts, the Lusitaniërs and the Romans who resided there for over 600 years. Today, in and around Albufeira, traces of Roman civilization such as bridges and streets can still be seen. The Portuguese language also has its roots in Latin.

Albufeira coat of arms

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Then came the centuries-long rule of the Moors in Portugal. The Moors brought Islam to Portugal. The Moorish period has clearly exerted its influence on the buildings and the regional dishes in Albufeira and the rest of the Algarve. The town's name comes from the Moorish 'Al-Buhera' that 'castle by the sea' means. In the following period, Portugal was occupied by various countries and rulers such as Spain. See also the history of Portugal on Landenweb


Albufeira Cave

Albufeira CavePhoto: Public Domain

Many caves can be found in Albufeira and the surrounding area. It is absolutely advisable to visit one of these caves during your stay in Albufeira. There is the 'Gruto do Xorino' which is a rock formation located next to the beach Praia do Tunel in Old Albufeira. Here the Moors hid from the Christians. You can go here by boat and try to spot dolphins at the same time.

Falesia beach Albufeira Falesia beach AlbufeiraPhoto: Salgueiro CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

The Falesia beach is also recommended. It is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in all of Portugal and all facilities can be found there. Albufeira's Falesia beach has even been awarded the Blue Flag for the cleanest and safest beaches in Europe.

The Albufeira Archaeological Museum is located in the old town hall of the city and is near the clock tower. The museum has a number of rooms with a collection ranging from prehistoric times to the 17th century. The museum thus provides a picture of the history of Albufeira through the centuries. The Archaeological Museum is open Tuesday to Sunday.

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Close to Albufeira is the beautiful town of Tavira. On the coast of this town there is a beautiful nature reserve where walks can be made. It is an impressive area.

In August Albufeira will host the 'Festa da Ourada' held in honor of the patron saint of fishermen. This festival is a special experience with lots of fun, stalls, food and music. This way you can taste the real atmosphere of Albufeira.

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