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Vacations and Sightseeing

Basic information
Official languageKorean
Area120.538 kmĀ²
Population25,972,591  (2021)
CurrencyNorth Korean won  (KPW)

Vacations and Sightseeing

North Korea is still a closed country. Only a small number of Western tourists are allowed to visit the country every year. The most visited city is the capital Pyongyang.

The 20-metre high bronze statue of Kim Il-Sung on Mansudae is striking. This statue, erected by the leader himself, will most likely be the first thing you visit. The whole thing is a bit surreal, but bear in mind that the locals expect visitors to look at this place seriously and with respect. Pyongyang's underground system is the deepest in the world at over 110 metres deep. There are large socialist realist murals on the stations, each station designed to embody a different ideal. The Juche Tower is a 170 metre high monument dedicated to the Juche philosophy of Kim Il Sung. From the top you have a great view over the city. Almost every city has its own children's palace, Pyongyang has the largest. After morning classes, children spend the afternoon in the palace practising art or other special skills. Children choose their area of specialisation with teachers as soon as they are old enough to participate (from about 11 years of age).

The Koguryo graves consist of a number of group and individual graves. A total of about 30 individual tombs from the later period of the Koguryo Kingdom, one of the most powerful kingdoms in northeast China and half of the Korean peninsula. They date from between the 3rd century BC and the 7th century AD. The tombs, many with beautiful murals, are almost the only remnants of this culture. Only about 90 of the more than 10,000 Koguryo tombs in China and Korea have murals. Almost half of these graves are at this site. The paintings offer a unique testimony to the daily life of this period.


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