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Ca'n Picafort

Ca'n Picafort

Mallorca is a large island in the Spanish Balearic region. The island has an area of approximately one hundred by seventy kilometers. With its beautiful nature, attractive climate and fine culture, Mallorca acts as a magnet for tourists all over the world. Every year no less than 10 million people migrate to the island with its various cities and villages.

Ca'n Picafort Ca'n PicafortPhoto: Li-sung CC 2.5 Unported no changes made

Ca'n Picafort: once a fishing village, but has grown into a pleasant holiday resort. This typical Spanish town has something to offer for everyone. Located south of the Bay of Alcudia, Ca'n Picafort has a beautiful beach. The marina and fishing port is an important part of the town. Ca'n Picafort also consists of a boulevard and a center full of shops, terraces and restaurants. For the sporty types there is a large go-kart track, where you can race around. Or would you rather go crazy in one of the discotheques? Of course you can also keep it quiet and enjoy a walk through the beautiful nature reserves in and around Ca'n Picafort. Something for everyone and one thing is certain: in Ca'n Picafort you will have the time of your life!

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Ca'n Picafort is a small town with no more than two hundred permanent residents. It is a lot busier during the holiday season. The small cozy town is located in the northeast of Mallorca.

From the airport 'Palma de Mallorca Saint Joan', it is about sixty kilometers towards Ca'n Picafort. The flight takes about two hours and fifteen minutes and from the airport it is about ninety minutes before you reach your destination.

Public transport in Ca'n Picafort is also convenient. There are often buses that transport you from Ca'n Picafort to the area. These run about two to three times in an hour. In addition, there are taxis that also want to bring you to your destination. Keep in mind that this can be expensive.


Nobody has to worry about the weather. In Ca'n Picafort the weather is almost always nice. It doesn't matter what month you come in, Ca'n Picafort is always worth a visit. From May to September it is at its hottest, with about thirty degrees. Although you can still enjoy yourself in November with about 20 degrees.


Not much can be said about the history of Ca'n Picafort. It was originally a fishing village that was emerging during the influx of tourists in the sixties. Close to Ca'n Picafort you can visit the necropolis of Son Real, originating from the Talaiot culture.

For the history of Mallorca see the Mallorca page of Landenweb.

Necropolis of Son Real Necropolis ofSon RealPhoto: Uwe Barghaan CC3.0 Unported no changes made


Ca'n Picafort has many nice and special sights. First of all, the marina and fishing port, for which Ca'n Picafort is known. At the same time, this is also a trip to which you can add another trip. From the marina and fishing port you can walk back on the long boulevard. This boulevard full of shops, souvenir shops, restaurants and bars runs to the Son Boulo district.

Ca'n Picafort also has a large go-kart track. Nice to entertain the children for an afternoon. Children can go karting from the age of four and the price is not too bad.

Parc natural de s’Albufera de MallorcaParc natural de s’Albufera de MallorcaPhoto: Olaf Tausch CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

Hiking in wonderful natural areas is also possible in Ca'n Picafort. Are you a lover of nature and hiking then there is the large 'Parc Natural de s'Albufera de Mallorca'. This nature reserve is located near Ca'n Picafort and is easy to reach. Nice to take a walk. You can encounter amazing dunes, forests and beaches. This nature reserve makes the island rich.

For a special boat trip you sail with the glass bottom boat. This boat has a glass deck, so you can not only enjoy the great view around you, but also below you. You can see the underwater world from dry land. A nice trip to see the Mediterranean Sea floating under your feet.

Then there is the large market that is held every Friday in Ca'n Picafort. Would you like to experience a Spanish market with real fun? Then you should definitely pay a visit to this Friday Spanish market.


Ca'n Picafort has plenty of restaurants, terraces and bars. The restaurants here vary from Chinese to pizza and from burgers to ice cream. The beach bar 'Sam Remo' is highly recommended. This tent is located at the end of the boulevard and sells delicious cooling ice cream!

Ca'n Picafort BeachCa'n Picafort BeachPhoto: Li-sung CC 2.5 Unported no changes made

The beautiful beaches of Ca'n Picafort are ideal. Together with the clear blue water, this is a guarantee for a beautiful beach holiday. The sea slopes gradually, so you can go far into the sea. This is suitable for (small) children. When you walk further, past the marina and fishing port, there is also a section with rocky beaches. Nice to walk by here. Beach beds and umbrellas are also available for hire on the beaches of Ca'n Picafort. Wonderful to relax!

Ca'n Picafort is a real holiday destination for young and old. The town is not too big, but there are many things to do and see. This town used to be a fishing village, but this is long gone. Yet it is still nice to take a look at the marina and fishing port. This brings back the old Ca'n Picafort a bit. In Ca'n Picafort, sun, sea and beach are number one these days. The wonderful weather is perfect for a wonderful beach holiday. With the relaxed beach beds you will have a great time here!

How about walking in one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Mallorca? Here you will find beautiful gardens and even more dazzling beaches. Ca'n Picafort is all about action, because walking on the pleasant boulevard is also a fun activity. All the shops, souvenir shops and cozy terraces give you a summery feeling.

Ca'n Picafort has its quiet side but certainly also knows the nightlife. There are several clubs and discos. Ca'n Picafort has 3 clubs: Charly's, The Papaya Coctail Bar and Disco and The Skau. These are open until early in the morning. The only drawback is the drinks are pricey. For the rest, these clubs are fun for young people, but also for all other holidaymakers who are in the mood for a party!

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