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Basic information
Official languageArabic
Area10.400 kmĀ²
Population6,773,767  (2021)
CurrencyLebanese pound  (LBP)

Cities in LEBANON


Vacations and Sightseeing

Beirut is the capital and largest city of Lebanon. The National Museum of Beirut is the most important museum of archaeology in Lebanon. It exhibits more than 1300 objects from Prehistory to the Middle Ages. Inside and outside the city, there are many places of interest for sightseeing, shopping and tasting delicious food. There is also an exceptional nightlife. All this will entice tourists to spend more time in this special city than they had planned. They will be attracted by the beautiful architecture of the Ottoman buildings with their distinctive style combined with exciting modern buildings. Read more on the Beirut page.

Alongside the pyramids in Egypt, Petra in Jordan and Palmyra in Syria, the temple at Baalbek is the most important and impressive ancient site in the Middle East. Baalbek is located 86 kilometres from Beirut towards the Syrian border. During the Roman Empire, Baalbek was the most important city in the Arab province. The temple bears witness to this and is a special relic. The Jupiter temple is enormous. Besides the ruins, which give an excellent impression of the size of the temple, six pillars are still standing. They are 22 metres high. When you stand between them you are amazed that people were able to build something so big at that time. Theres is an excellent museum with good documentation about this temple.


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