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Playa de Taurito

Playa de Taurito

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An idyllic holiday enclave on the sunny island of Gran Canaria, that's Playa de Taurito. Because if you want a wonderfully relaxing holiday on Gran Canaria in 2014, this seaside resort will certainly not disappoint! The versatile coastal town has something to offer every holidaymaker; whether it concerns the paradisiacal beaches, the vibrant nightlife or the special nature, Playa de Taurito has it. Thanks to the countless luxurious accommodations in and around the seaside resort, you will stay very comfortably here.

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Playa de Taurito is located on the southwest coast of the island. The seaside resort is best known for its beautiful beaches, which are sheltered from the wind by headlands and are the ultimate place for a day of relaxation. Or exercise, because all kinds of water sports can be practiced on the beach, including scuba diving. Ready for a change of view? The nearby lake offers a good alternative. In the immediate vicinity of Playa de Taurito you will also find the larger resorts of Maspalomas and Playa del Inglès. A night out in these coastal towns is definitely worth it and you can enjoy great shopping and dining here.


The archipelago to which Gran Canaria belongs has a subtropical climate. The north-east trade wind and the Canary Current mean that the weather at the coastal towns is almost constant all year round and the temperature of the seawater is not subject to major fluctuations. In short, this comes down to the ideal conditions for a summer holiday and thus Playa de Taurito is also very suitable as a winter sun destination! Deep inland at higher altitudes, however, the temperature can be lower, so take this into account when taking a trip to the more inland nature reserves or the Pico de las Nieves mountain peak.


While it is sometimes rumored that the Canary Islands are a relic of the lost Atlantis, it is more likely to be believed that the archipelago was created by volcanic eruptions many thousands of years ago. The black sand beaches are a reminder of this and the beaches of Playa de Taurito also breathe a piece of history. From its inception, the island has known many different rulers and although the islands have been Spanish territory since the mid-fourteenth century, the population has nevertheless managed to retain its own identity.


Sand dunes Maspalomas Sand dunes MaspalomasPhoto: Himarerme in het publieke domein

With a holiday in Playa de Taurito you can go in all directions. Besides enjoying the seaside, you can also make the best excursions in this region and admire the surroundings. An absolute must-see is the protected dune area Dunas de Maspalomas, which almost looks like a desert plain and from where you can witness a beautiful sunset. In addition, the island has no fewer than 32 other nature parks, so avid hikers and nature lovers can indulge themselves here. It is hard to imagine a greater contrast than between the serene nature and the lively Las Palmas. In the capital, you will be amazed as you wander around the historic district of Vegueta, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also recommended is renting a car and visiting the coastal and mountain villages. In any case, the island offers enough variety for an unforgettable holiday.


Playa de Taurito is downright romantic and of course a stay in an equally romantic holiday address. In a bungalow park you have all the luxury and convenience, but you will also experience the real Gran Canaria through the authentic accommodations. A must for anyone who likes to stay in an oasis of tranquility, with the sea a stone's throw away and close to bustling cities!

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