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Gabon is home to 1,772,5255 people (2017).The population density is very low at about 7 inhabitants per square kilometre.

The natural population growth rate is 1.92% (2017).
Birth rate per 1000 inhabitants is 34.2 (2017)
Mortality rate per 1000 inhabitants is 13 (2017)
Life expectancy is 52.1 years. (Men 51.7 and women 52.5 years (2017)

The population is predominantly made up of Bantu tribes the best known are: Fang, Eshira, Mbele and Okande. Europeans, especially French, are a minority. So are the pygmies, some tribes who have retreated to the forests in eastern Gabon.

Increase in population x1000 in Gabon from 1960-2015Increase in population x1000 in Gabon from 1960-2015Photo: Krishnavedala CC 4.0 Internationalno changes made


The official language of Gabon is French. Other languages spoken there include Fang, Myene, Batéké, Bapounou and Bandjabi.


In Gabon, about 60% of the population is Christian (mostly Roman Catholic), 12% is Muslim. The remaining inhabitants live according to African animistic traditions.


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