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Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam EgyptMarsa AlamPhoto: Daniel Csörföly in the public domain

With beaches as far as the eye can see, an extremely pleasant climate and a multitude of beautiful hotels, apartments and resorts, Marsa Alam has become one of the most popular destinations in Egypt in recent years. Both above and under water you can enjoy a holiday here in a very pleasant way and the great thing is that you can stay here almost all year round, because the temperature remains nice all year round.

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Marsa Alam BeachMarsa Alam BeachPhoto: Marc Ryckaert CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

Marsa Alam is located almost 300 kilometers south of the famous Hurghada. This Egyptian resort is located on the Red Sea, where you can enjoy diving all year round. The city is separated from the Nile Delta on the west side by a mountain range, where the many treasures from ancient Egypt can be found. From Marsa Alam it is also very possible to visit the Nile Delta for one or more days. Marsa Alam has its own airport and is therefore very easily accessible.


As mentioned, Marsa Alam is still a few hundred kilometers further south than Hurghada. This also means that it is still a bit warmer here than in the more northerly located big brother. There is a desert climate here, which generally means that it can get very hot both in the winter months and in the summer months. Temperatures of around 45 degrees Celsius are conceivable in the summer, while it does not get much colder than 25 degrees Celsius in the winter months. Fortunately, there will always be a cooling breeze blowing at the sea, so that the feeling temperature remains very bearable and pleasant. Ideal for a wonderful holiday at the beach.


Pharao Ptolemeus EgyptPharao Ptolemeus EgyptPhoto: Public Domain

Marsa Alam already had an important function in ancient Egypt of the pharaohs. For gems, gold and copper were found in the mountains near the city. In the third century BC, the city was connected to the Nile Delta by a road built by Pharaoh Ptolemy. This road has remained very important to this day. The Romans and even the British in the twentieth century have also been able to continue to use Marsa Alam for the extraction of raw materials. That industry is now outdated, but the tourism industry is thriving like never before. In the 80s of the 20th century mainly divers came to the city, but Marsa Alam has since fallen prey to mass tourism. More information can be found on Egypt's history page.


Underwater world Marsa Alam Underwaterworld Marsa AlamPhoto: Magnus Kjaergaard CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

It is the attraction of Marsa Alam. The city has become famous and big because of it. We are of course talking about diving here. Discover the amazing underwater world of the Red Sea with hundreds of species of coral, thousands of fish, including some harmless sharks, and many other exotic aquatic animals. The temperature of the water remains pleasant all year round, so you can still enjoy beautiful diving here in winter.

Excursion to the Nile Valley from Marsa AlamExcursion to the Nile Valley from Marsa AlamPhoto: Citadelite at en.wikipedia CC 3.0 Unported no changes

When you book a holiday to Egypt, you can roughly choose from 2 types of holidays. Either you go to the beautiful coastal areas to enjoy the sun, sea and sand, or you go to the Nile Delta to discover all the remains of ancient Egypt. The pyramids, the sphinx and the cities are all absolutely worth a visit. The Nile Delta is about 250 kilometers from the seaside town and from there you can go upstream and downstream to discover all the treasures from ancient Egypt.

Not only in the Nile Delta there are sights from ancient Egypt to discover. Also when traveling north along the coast you will find nice things here and there. It is a full day's travel, but just above the seaside town of El Quseir are the remains of the old port of Myos Hormos. This was the main trading post for the Roman trade with India. There are also various sights in El Quseir itself. Just think of the Ottoman fortress built in the 16th century.


Few areas on Earth are more impressive than the desert. The endless emptiness, the dryness and the heat leave a magical feeling. From Marsa Alam it is quite possible to make a nice excursion to discover the Egyptian desert. Led by a Bedouin guide, you will visit beautiful springs, idyllic oases and delightful date palm gardens. You can do this by jeep, camel or even quad.

Marsa Alam into the desert by camelMarsa Alam into the desert by camelPhoto: Maurizio Napolitano (CC BY 2.0) no changes made

When you go into the desert or just lie on the beach, look up for a moment in the evening. Due to the lack of pollution, light and clouds, a beautiful starry sky opens up above your head every day. You can hardly see anything like this in the Netherlands. When you take an excursion to the desert, you fall asleep under this starry sky. This breathtaking light show is also completely free and accessible to everyone!

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