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Piscadera Bay

Piscadera Bay

In beautiful green surroundings just outside the Curaçao capital Willemstad is Piscadera Bay, an idyllic bay known for its almost dazzling white sandy beaches and extremely calm, clear water. The beaches are mainly private beaches belonging to luxury resorts. For a relaxing holiday on the most beautiful beaches of Curacao and with Willemstad almost a stone's throw away, Piscadera Bay is the place to be!

Piscadera Bay Piscadera BayPhoto: Miguelpalm in the public domain

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As mentioned above, Piscadera Bay is located near colorful Willemstad. With a short 10 minute drive you are already in the center of the town. North of Piscadera Bay you will see a completely different landscape. Enjoy nature and tranquility here. A more favorable location in relation to vibrant Willemstad and breathtaking natural beauty is almost impossible!


Piscadera Bay has to do with a tropical savanna climate. This means that there is a dry and a wet period. The first half of the year is therefore better suited for a sun holiday than the months of July to December. The temperature is constant all year round (and also very pleasant!) And the seawater is always warm enough for a dip. The number of hours of sunshine per day is around 9 am and is thus a constant factor throughout the year.


Maritime Museum CuracaoMaritime Museum CuracaoPhoto: Charles Hoffman CC 2.0 Generisk no changes made

Piscadera Bay does not have an impressive history, but the island as a whole all the more. It had various rulers through time; starting with the Arawak Indians until the West India Company declared the island a free port and afterwards it was incorporated as a Dutch colony. All periods can be still seen on the island, but the colonial style is the most dominant, as is clearly visible during a visit to Willemstad. Interested in the history and rulers of the island? The Maritime Museum gives a very complete picture of this and is absolutely worth it! Read more:History page of Curacao.


Willemstad Curacao Willemstad CuracaoPhoto: Mtmelendez uit CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

The main attraction of the bay is of course formed by the beautiful beaches and clear blue sea. You will probably spend a few days here. If you want to see more of the island after a while, a day trip to the capital is an idea. The historic center of Willemstad is included in its entirety on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. You will be amazed when you wander through the town or across the Handelskade with its colorful houses.


Thanks to the flat, natural environment it is wonderful to exercise around Piscadera Bay, and many water sports are also abundantly represented along the coast. That makes Curacao a destination loved by sports enthusiasts.

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